RB (10-pack)

RB (10-pack)


Meet RB the Rubber Band! 

She is ready to wake up now. She asks that you put her on your RIGHT WRIST to give you extra confidence that you make the RIGHT DECISION in wanting to disrupt your life in the most positive, daring way possible.

Going cold turkey on judging ourselves and others is HARD, and your current self will fight hard to avoid change and might think with an eye roll, 

I’m too old for this rubber band kid shit, but RB will be your loving ACCOUNTABILIBUDDY and will help you laugh through this journey. 

Her full name is ARE-BE (RB for short!) and she is here to help you assess who you ARE today, figure out what you believe in, both personally and professionally, question why you believe those things, and stay accountable to who you want to BE moving forward in all aspects of your life.

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